Fire Department

Jody Hatten, Fire Chief
140 Magnolia Drive
Wiggins, Mississippi 39577



The firefighters of the Wiggins Fire Department pledge to safeguard from harm, the citizens and visitors of our community through fire and life safety programs. The staff of the Wiggins Fire Department, consisting of career and volunteer firefighters, strives to achieve this task through educating the public, enhancing firefighter education, and by being proactive with our community and the public service community. The firefighters of our community have always had a deep sense of pride to become the best of their ability, to be able to answer the call of duty, and be able to help those who are in need, no matter their needs or circumstances.

Wiggins Fire Department

The Wiggins Fire Department, established in 1916, provides around the clock fire protection for our citizens and visitors of our community. Our department is staffed with a Fire Chief, 6 full-time firemen, 5 part-time firemen and 30 volunteers.

Engine 8

Wiggins Fire Department

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